About Living Recipe

Community Created Recipes

Living Recipe is different then other databases because the community is in charge. Users decide what recipes are the best and help fix the ones that aren't. This creates an ever changing collection of recipes that grow and evolve as the community does. We encourage community interaction and participation to help figure out what needs to be changed.

Find. Cook. Fork. Share.

  • Find: Simple and Intuitive search to find the recipe you want
  • Cook: Save and cook the recipe
  • Fork: Create your own version with changes
  • Share: Share with your friends to improve ranking

Living Recipe is all about your input. The more interaction the better the site will become. You aren't just a bystander you can shape and change the site's recipes. Forking a recipe is our term for creating a new variation of the recipe. When created that new version joins that recipe family and starts working towards becoming the leader. Only the highest rated recipe in a family is shown during initial search results.

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Designed to Learn About You

Our goal at Living Recipe is to find and share the best recipes and remove all the noise when looking for a recipe. So we are constantly tweaking and adjusting our search algorithm to give you the best results based on your preferences. The real advantage though is our recipe ranking system. Recipes are grouped together into families and have a ranking determined by user interactions (not just the star rating). Search results show you the best version and can see all the other variations of that version. This removes the noise of sub-par recipes and lets you find the best recipe fast.

A Community Of Your Own

Living Recipe is created by and for the community. As such we've created a user ranking system to show your reputation within this community. Join and you start off as the kitchen dishwasher and as you contribute and interact with the website your reputation grows. Work your way up thru the ranks up to become an Executive Chef.